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SixPaxX is your new innovative partner for all your supply chain and technical solutions, procurement as well as packaging materials.

Companies realize that when they have sufficient knowledge and understanding of their tail-end expenses in the area of packaging, they can increase their profit.

SixPaxX is the one-stop shop for all procurement, supply chain, technical and packaging material related challenges. This means only one single point of contact for all issues concerning tail spend management and sustainable supply chain solutions. SixPaxX listens, designs, delivers, implements and evaluates its projects in order to reduce your total cost of packaging.

Tail Spend Management

What do we mean by Tail spend Management?

SixPaxX makes an accurate list of all your suppliers, including their delivery processes and corresponding costs.
SixPaxX makes sure that you reduce the number of suppliers, optimize your purchasing process, optimize your packaging material and reduce the total cost of your tail spend.
Our team of Xperts use their knowledge and network to improve your business.

What is Tail End Spend?

Traditional spend management covers only 83% of an organisation’s spend.
Source: CAPS Research – Cross-industry report on standard benchmarks

Tail-end spend usual characteristics

  • Not adressed by the procurement team (under the radar)
  • Large (and growing) number of suppliers
  • Misclassified spend – we don’t really know what is bought
  • Large number of small transactions
  • Spot buys
  • Maverick spend (non compliant)
  • Fragmented spend – each company entity is buying for themselves
  • Low volume, low-price items (tail of the tail)

With our knowledge and our network we can make a difference and improve the business of national and international companies.

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